Specifications :
A. Wire.
Three strong galvanized steel wires are braided to from one wire.
B. Wire Gripping Handles x2 pcs :
A & B Feed the wire through the hole in the wedge shaft.
Loop it through the hole at the top of the shaft.
Then back into the handle.
Pressing the wedge back into the handle, the wire is hold.
C. Windshield Removal Tool :
Cuts the butyl adhesive compound around windshield.
D. Wire Feeder Tool :
Designed for easy and flexible insertion of wire through
polyurethand, allowing speedy removal of bonded windshield.
E. Trim Pad Remover :
Place the tool under the edge of the door upholstery panel and
insert it into the fastener as far as possible, then simple pack pry
F. Windshield Molding Release Tool :
Use for removal of Windshield molding

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